MAY 12, 2017

Homies, it is of the utmost importance that you see Buster's Mal Heart. Loved it, perfect marriage of Josephine Decker, Alex Cox, and Kubrick/Wes Anderson-style mysterious symmetries. Think it has edged out The Human Surge and yes, even Get Out, as the best movie I've seen this year.

I'm thinking about this because I just reviewed it, but also because the scenes where Rami Malek is a conspiracy-addled, bearded mountain man remind me of Jimbo Easter. Dunno why, exactly, since I've never heard my dude talk about conspiracies, nor have I seen him with a full beard in the decade and change I've known him. Whatever the case, though, that segue is done, so let's let it rest. When I was on tour last October, I played with Jimbo at Kelly's in Hamtramck, and he threw me a copy of his most recent release, a one-sided 7" which I'm gonna call Rum Rubbish since that's the first track. Not sure how to grip this aside from running into the mug, but love finds a way. In some regards, not a full lifetime away from his time fronting Detroit art-garagers The Piranhas, but with much of the aggro of that band (not to mention his more recent, more Beefheart-damaged outfit Druid Perfume) muted by pure Van Vliet/LAFMS-style weirdness. Sounds like it was recorded while locked in a Michigan dirt basement, and that ain't a problem at all. It ain't gonna net him a second MRR cover, but that shit is for squares, anyway. Grip if you get yr chance.

To date, I've failed to nab a physical copy of the Milk Song/Family Cry 7" by Throwaway, but that's mostly because (I'm pretty sure) it never came out as such [EDIT: it did, so disregard this noise]. Technically that breaks my rules for this site, but since Kirsten, the singer/guitarist from this band, was one of maybe six people intentionally at my last show in LA (not complaining, since the "crowd" was a few of my favorite faces plus Don Bolles), I'm gonna give it a pass. Kirsten's a serious, trained musician with a deep love of Sonny Sharrock, which isn't necessarily how I usually like my punx, but this one is a legit, out-there gnarler. Weirdly reminds me of Berwer, the Kalamazoo bike gang/mathcore band that was the "headliner" at my first-ever basement show, not to mention Total Shutdown and, of course, Ann Arbor punk lifers Scissor Now! Wonder also if they've spent any time with the Villa Villakula back catalog, because that'd make sense, though I guess maybe Throwaway could also be inspired by, y'know, real life or something? Between dubbing tapes for tour, working 2-3 jobs, writing for other websites/publications, and this business here, I guess I don't remember what real life is like!

Funny thing: that notion of the dedicated-undergrounder-with-no-real-life kinda factors into an ongoing e-conversation I've been having with Britt Brown, whose Not Not Fun label was discussed somewhat extensively in the previous installment. Guess we got so wrapped up in that discussion that the dude forgot to mention that his own band, Robedoor, has a new one out, entitled New Age Sewage. Naturally, since he's not a chach, he also didn't mention that it rules. Their sludgy downer haze has been synth-heavy for a long time now, but there seems to be way more of an industrial/EBM bent than at any time prior. Nominally more song-oriented than a lot of the stuff I touch on here, but with songs garbled just so, as if the tapes were dipped in some of the practical effects from Street Trash (which, if you ask me, is just about the only good thing about that godawful flick). Luckily, the results are not nearly as nasty, though it's a sight grosser than other entries in the NNF catalog.

Speaking of "street" and "nasty": John Collins McCormick (whose work I've also discussed herein) just hipped me to this album More Nasty by Street Priest, and Jah bless him for that. It's been out for almost three years, but miracle of miracles, it looks like they might still have a couple cassettes left. Either way, the magic of technology allows you to hear it, and it's shit-hot. Shades of my usual post-noise improv suspects (Borbetomagus, Heathen Shame, Graveyards, and some of the current NYC miscreants currently scraping gravel somewhere near you), but when is that NOT fun as hell? On second thought, don't answer that. Whatever the case, heavy moves abound. John also hepped me to some stuff he happened upon from the mysterious Abstract Tits label, but that's all still sinking in at press time.

Alright, time to go sling some drinks for the local yokels. If you got a problem with that, buy an ad so I can afford to spend more time on this hogwash. After you buy your tix to Buster's Mal Heart, I mean. Ya gotta have priorities, son!

NEXT TIME: PBK, Skeleton Dust, Fred Thomas, and whatever else. Lob me a curveball: